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Why smartcockpit ?
For valuable decisions

Why smartcockpit ?

smartcockpit is the software solution that helps you create and share valuable information in a simple and efficient way enabling you to make the right decisions and measure their impact.

Understand what’s going on
360 degrees on your activities

Understand what’s going on

Analyze a situation thanks to a strategic and synthetic visualization.

Effectively conduct actions
Focused on risky situations

Effectively conduct actions

Plan and organize in order to formalize work processes, and Do it.

Measure the impact of decisions
Evaluate what works

Measure the impact of decisions

Assess the efficiency : Check actual results against expected, Act or Adjust for the next step.

smartcockpit, because organizations focus too much on providing information
and not enough on improving the way in which decisions are made

To drive your performance, think easy and efficient: think smartcockpit

Reduce and mitigate risks, decrease your costs, increase your organization’s performance by improving the one of your employees: take the continuous improvement path.

  • Understand what’s going on.
  • Organize and plan tasks: define priorities and manage risks.
  • Conduct and assess actions: renew or adjust them. In any case, improve your performance.

This is why smartcockpit has been designed.

smartcockpit: a scorecard centered on key success factors complemented with actions

  • smartcockpit has been designed with executives, for executives.
  • More than a classic scorecard focused on KPI, it enables you to add, follow and measure action plans through de Deming cycle (with PDCA methodology).
  • The features available enable you to visualize exclusively what suffers in your activities and so improve risk management.
  • smartcockpit manages links to other applications and documents allowing great understanding of a specific situation.
  • The flexibility and autonomy in updating bring agility in the decision making process in order to be as close as possible with the environment.
  • The simple and rapid implementation guarantees an almost immediate return on investement.
  • smartcockpit is more than a tool only designed for BI applications : it can be structured and tailored as needed.

smartcockpit operating cycle: manage your scorecard and performance


smartcockpit approach : leverage performance

Visualize - share

share the same vision across organizations to act under the same strategy.


once statement is made, it is necessary to concentrate on risky situations recognition and prioritize them.

Situation analysis

several reporting tools already offer causes comprehension. This is why smartcockpit focuses on a synthetic vision linked to planned or ongoing initiatives.


Defining action plans is strategic to any organization. This is why smartcockpit is a key asset to improve governance and management.

Implement actions

doing / acting is key to evolve/improve a situation.

Assess actions

because improvement is a continuous process, smartcockpit ensures appropriate application of the Deming wheel (PDCA methodology).

Cockpit launch: manage your scorecard easily

Define what are key questions

smartcockpit enables you to adequately define and measure the right indicators for your organization.

Define which KPIs

compose your strategic questions to provide the most suitable answers.

Define targets and objectives

to reach for your team(s).


necessary data to calculate indicators’ value.


smartcockpit manages both quantitative and qualitative data to provide you with the optimal snapshot of your organization.


indicators’ states, evolution, trends and impacts of actions.


decisions and action plans through the cockpit approach and ensure that your scorecard continuously meets with the organization’s environment.

FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions

Feeding my cockpit will require too much timeFAQ smartcockpit false

A manual entry takes between 10 et 15 sec. Considering one entry per month, this will take you around 1.30 min per year. Import data from Excel is possible as well as automatic transfer from your information system.

No tool can make decisions for meFAQ smartcockpit false

smartcockpit highlights and guides your decision based on priorities you define and on what has been started, but doesn’t make decisions for you.

Train everybody on this new tool will take monthsFAQ smartcockpit false

You will need less time in learning how to use smartcockpit than in learning alone how to make an excel formula.

I already make decisions according to my prioritiesFAQ smartcockpit false

smartcockpit enables you to share and legitimate your decisions, to measure their impact, and ensure they are adequately being applied.

We already try ! A new tool won’t change anythingFAQ smartcockpit false

smartcockpit is not another “IT tool” – it is designed by decisions makers for decisions makers and will allow you to build your cockpit in a very efficient way. It lets you adopt the speed you desire depending on your organizational constraints, and face to your organizational constraints.

We just can’t sum up everything with a number FAQ smartcockpit false

smartcockpit offers you the option to enter qualitative, non structured and feeling information, as well as quantitative data

It will again make me change my way of doing FAQ smartcockpit false

Because without changes, no improvements and some changes are worth doing. Nevertheless, to save time and be more efficient, we are all willing to adapt ourselves.

Again another tool usable only at workFAQ smartcockpit false

smartcockpit is installed on a server and is accessible through a web platform. Moreover, it is suitable to tablets terminal.

It will take months before getting benefits from this toolFAQ smartcockpit false

With smartcockpit, you can build your 1st scorecard in less than a day and start using It immediately. Feed your cockpit with available data and transform them into valuable information workable right away.

smartcockpit last references

They trust in our solution. Thanks to them !

university geneva partner

University of Geneva

University of Geneva is using smartcockpit for the rector and vice-rector to follow the strategic plan and central administration indicators. Especially on financial aspect, smartcockpit and Business Intelligence system work together, respectively giving an overview of financial health and detailed explanations.

ai office Vaud partner

OAI Vaud

A social insurance in Switzerland is using smartcockpit to manage their operational activities. They have a cockpit for the business unit manager and cockpits for each team manager. They are using smartcockpit to detect deviation and trends, and to animate their management meeting more efficiently.

geneva public transport

Major Public Transport

A major player in the public transportation sector in Switzerland is using smartcockpit to deliver key indicators to their stakeholders, replacing the annual management report by a dynamic and up-to-date solution. They also drive two operational activities with dedicated cockpits.

geneva industrial services

Geneva Industrial Services

A Swiss major utility provider has chosen smartcockpit to replace their current implementation of a major editor solution. The objective of their project is to be able to run management meetings by following what’s going on in their business, what actions are currently ongoing and which ones are late or failing the target. The audience is the senior management. They have one cockpit per business unit that are then aggregated into the CEO cockpit.

IT group for social insurance


An IT service company is using smartcockpit to drive their project and to communicate SLA achievements with their clients. They comment each indicator to give a broader context to the information.

bank IT services smartcockpit


A bank IT Service is using smartcockpit to communicate SLA level to their clients. They can better manage and improve service level by following trends and exceptions and take actions to improve the situation where it is necessary.

security audit


By implementing the smartcockpit platform, the airport has been able to replace dozens of Excel files to manage the entire audit workflow. The auditor can now make his observations, request a specific person to define a corrective action plan. The auditor can also ensure audits are conducted.

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